The Virtual Bewl 15

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the award-winning Bewl 15 race has been postponed to 2021.

But we wanted to find a way to stage the event, so that you can still receive the fabulous bespoke medal.

The new virtual Bewl 15 Race has therefore been launched – Enter Here

Historically the Bewl 15 is held on the first weekend in July – but due to Covid-19 restrictions, the race had already been switched to September. Now that date too has had to be changed and this year’s race can now only take place on a virtual basis.

And whilst that’s disappointing for the hundreds of runners who would normally take part – the revised virtual race offers much more choice for runners:

1. The race is now open to those who wish to run 15 miles OR 15k. We will maintain a leaderboard for each distance and you can track your progress against others – with prizes available for leading age group performances

2. The event is also open to those who wish to walk either distance

3. We are also opening the event to those who wish to achieve the distance by using more than one walk or run session

4. Complete your event either indoors on a treadmill or outdoors at a place and time to suit you

5. You have until the end of September to claim your finishers medal

6. You can also opt to purchase a race T Shirt for just £5

So instead of having to run 15 miles in one, we’ve made it a whole lot easier for more people to join in!

How to Complete the Virtual Bewl 15:


Participating in a virtual event means you can complete the distance at any time within the event time frame in a location of your choice. Once you have booked your place, we will send you an email with a step by step guide, it couldn’t be easier!

Rather than completing your chosen distance in one run on one day, you will now have until September 30th to complete 15 miles or 15k – you choose your race day(s).

The last date to book your place is the 30th September.

Once entered into your chosen event, complete the distance in your choice of location and then send us recorded evidence of the distance and time completed – you can use your fitness device or a screenshot of your session(s). Please note, for 15 miles and 15k entries, to appear on the leader board, you will need to complete and send us evidence of ONE single run or walk. Those who choose to complete the distance(s) using more than one session will have their own leaderboard and no prizes are awarded in this category.

If you have been missing the racing environment, then this is a great opportunity to test yourself and engage with fellow competitors.

Here’s What You Need To Do:

1. Complete your distance in your own time over the event period
2. Run safely and within the recommended guidelines
3. Record your activity with a phone or GPS watch
4. Submit your result to complete your virtual event
5. Your medal will be posted to you shortly after the event has taken place.

If you have already booked your place, we look forward to seeing you on the finish line! If not, click on the link below to take part!

You can enter the race here